Can I CNC OPTIMUM & METEX PRO Milling Machines & Lathes?

It is possible to CNC any milling machine, but like anything knowledge and price are the biggest considerations. To CNC a machine to do it quickly with high quality is not cheap. To CNC a machine to high quality and low cost will not be quick. To CNC a machine cheap will not be quick or high quality.

Things to consider:

  • A lead screw type mill can be CNC but will need to be compensated for the backlash and this can be tricky without strong coding skills.
  • Ball Screws will eliminate backlash but can be expensive to come by.
  • Either stepper or sevo motors to run your ball screws will also be required, again these vary widely on price.
  • You will then need a controller & software to run the motors.
  • OPTIMUM only offer the BF20 as a CNC unit in Australia for hobbyist and do not wire the motors to the controller so that there is a high level of skill required to set up and run.
  • A full CNC center set up with a computer and everything factory installed will cost between $20k-40k. To be able to offer a DIY CNC kit for larger machines can bring this cost down to around half the cost depending on the machine size and operators skill level.

Our team are happy to have a chat and run through options available.