Metex Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm: The Ideal Workshop Lathe for Precision Engineering

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Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm

Metex Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm: The Ideal Workshop Lathe for Precision Engineering

In the world of metalworking, having a reliable and efficient lathe is essential for achieving precision and accuracy in various machining operations. If you’re a hobbyist or a professional engineer looking for a versatile and high-performance lathe, then the Metex Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm is a tool worth considering. With its impressive specifications and features, this lathe is designed to meet the demands of modern machining tasks while providing superior functionality and durability.

Powerful Performance

At the heart of the Metex Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm is a robust 1500W motor that ensures consistent and reliable power for a variety of machining operations. Whether you’re turning, facing, or threading, this lathe delivers the necessary torque and speed to handle the task at hand. With a speed range of 90 to 2000 rpm, you have the flexibility to choose the optimal speed for different materials and machining processes.

Impressive Dimensions and Swinging Capacity

The lathe’s generous dimensions allow for a swing over the bed of 360mm, enabling you to work on larger workpieces with ease. Additionally, the swing over the gap extends to an impressive 502mm, providing ample room for machining projects that require extra space. The 1000mm distance between centers ensures sufficient room to work on longer pieces, allowing for a wide range of machining possibilities.

Sturdy Construction and Precision Engineering

One of the standout features of the Metex Metal Lathe is its solid and durable construction. The bedway, made of high-quality grey cast-iron, has been aged for at least six months to ensure stability and reduce the risk of warping. It is then inductively hardened to a hardness level of HRC 42-52, ensuring superior rigidity and precision during machining operations. The precision-ground bedway ensures smooth and accurate movement of the carriage and tailstock.

Versatile Machining Options

The Metex Metal Lathe offers a variety of machining options to cater to different projects and requirements. The taper of the spindle bore is MT6, accommodating a generous 52mm bore size. This allows for the use of a wide range of workholding options and tooling. Whether you’re using a 3-jaw or 4-jaw chuck, collets, or other custom tooling setups, this lathe provides the flexibility to handle diverse machining tasks.

Convenience and Control

To enhance the overall convenience and user experience, the Metex Metal Lathe is equipped with a range of features. The 2-axis digital readout (DRO) system provides accurate and real-time measurements, improving efficiency and reducing errors. The quick-change tool post with a tool post cover allows for easy tool changes and ensures a secure and precise tool setup. The inclusion of lead screw covers protects the lead screw from dust and debris, extending its lifespan and maintaining smooth longitudinal feed movements.

User-Friendly Design

The Metex Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm is designed with the user in mind. The quick-lock/release tailstock enables rapid and hassle-free positioning and locking of the tailstock, saving valuable setup time. The included deluxe lathe stand with a foot brake ensures stability during operation, allowing you to work confidently and safely. The cross slide travel of 160mm and the top slide travel of 68mm provide ample movement for precise machining operations.


For hobbyists and professional engineers alike, the Metex Metal Lathe 360mm X 1000mm is a reliable and versatile tool that offers exceptional performance and precision. Its robust construction, powerful motor, and array of features make it ideal for a range of machining tasks. Whether you’re working on small-scale projects or larger workpieces, this lathe provides the stability, accuracy, and control needed to achieve outstanding results. Invest in the Metex Metal Lathe and take your metalworking capabilities to the next level.

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