200mm Rotary Table


200mm Rotary Table


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This dual position (Horizontal/Vertical) rotary table is simple to operate and allows easy work handling that is ideal for indexing, circular cutting, angle setting, boring, spot facing operations and similar work in conjunction with a milling machine. The table is graduated with a 360 degree scale. A micro collar graduated to one minute with a ten second accuracy vernier scale is provided. This rotary table features also include lock down handles and a crank disengagement mechanism, that allows the worm gear the be free wheeled for quick setting of angles.

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This type of rotary table is so designed as to permit machining operations at a high dimensions. The base can be used in a vertical position to carry out centre work with the help of a tail stock thus holding the work piece “Between Centers”.

Rotary table can be used for but not limited to:

  • Machining spanner flats on a bolt
  • Drilling equidistant holes in a circular flange
  • Cutting a round piece with a protruding tang
  • Making large-diameter holes, via milling in a circular tool path
  • Milling helix’s
  • Cutting complex curves
  • Cutting straight lines at any angle


  • Hardened and ground worm
  • High Precision Ground and Engineered
  • Flat and Upright Mounting
  • Transmission ratio 90 : 1
  • Work table scaled to 360°
  • 1 turn of the handwheel is equivalent to a 4° rotation

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 42 × 38 × 18 cm
Table diameter


Overall Height

Vertical 265mm



Center height for Vertical Mounting


Slot width


Center Bore Taper


Graduation on Table Circumference

360 degree (1 degree per division)

Driving Ratio of Worm Gear

1 : 90

Module of Worm Gear



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