OPTIMUM 1 Ton Arbor Press w Reversible Ram- Bore Hole or Flat


OPTIMUM 1 Ton Arbor Press w Reversible Ram- Bore Hole or Flat

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Another Quality OPTIMUM product!

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OPTIMUM 1 Ton Arbor Press

  • High Quality Grey Casting Precision Construction
  • 4 Position Anvil
  • Variable Adjustable Lever Arm
  • Lubrication Points
  • Reversible Ram- Bore Hole for  holding Punches, Stamps etc or Flat
  • Max. Workpiece Height – 123mm to anvil surface
  • Max. Throat Clearance – 100mm to centre of tappet
  • Working Range – 95mm
  • Tappet Size – 25mm x 25mm x 245mm
  • Hole in Ram size- 9.25mm
  • Made by OPTIMUM Machinery

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 35 cm

3 reviews for OPTIMUM 1 Ton Arbor Press w Reversible Ram- Bore Hole or Flat

  1. 5 out of 5

    Bought a one ton arbor press to modified to do something automatic and worked very well. Bought second one to do the same for my friend’s company. Very solid, very heavy. I think it can last for ever under the right use.

    This website is awesome. Super easy paperless e-payment. Fast cheap shipping got it over night. Fast response over the phone.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Dear Gary and crew, the Arbor Press arrived today in the rain. I really had planned on inviting the Red Fox family up to the property to join in the unveiling, but it arrived before I could get everything organized. I hadn’t counted on the speedy delivery. I was in the process of hiring several large tents to accommodate you all, but there ended up being a supply problem with that group of misfits. The catering was well in hand. In the end I panicked. Just looking at that carefully packed box, I was overcome with anticipation, reached into my pocket, pulled out my knife, and had my way with that box. Oh, the sweet smell of that machine oil running all down my jeans as I struggled to lift the treasure out of its tight fitting enclosure. It was so beautiful. I called my wife and she could hardly contain herself as she said. “what do you need that for?” But, I could tell she too was overcome by the joy and significance of the moment. I’ve placed it on the coffee table, just in case we get visitors. The smell is creating a rather pleasant ambiance that is hard to ignore. I think this feeling will stay with me for days to come. I’m sorry that you all couldn’t be here to experience my elation and receive your deserved thanks in person. My other regret is that you don’t seem to stock anything else that fits in with my needs. Still, I have enjoyed the experience so much that I may just order something even though I have no use for it or also can not afford. I can’t tell you adequately how much this has meant to me, and my appreciation for the effort that you guys have put into getting this little beauty to me just leaves me quivering. It’s almost spiritual. Every time I pull the handle on this Arbor Press I shall think of you all in loving fondness. Many thanks to your little family for the personal attention. It is indeed a rare thing in these turbulent times. All the best, Nick R

  3. 5 out of 5

    I recently purchased the Optimum 1 Ton Arbor Press from Redfox Machinery for the purposes of hot-stamping/embossing and riveting for leathercraft. I chose this particular make and model for its German design and the reliability of the ‘Optimum’ brand overall. I’m certainly not disappointed with my purchase – the press exceeds expectations in its robust construction, ease of set-up and use. Since purchasing, the press has already proven itself invaluable to my leathercraft straight out of the box, allowing me better replication of finish across all my projects, which was the primary outcome I sought from my purchase – mission accomplished!
    Also, I’d like to thank the helpful Redfox staff (Gary and Ian), who helped me with my purchase – a business is best judged by the quality of service it provides as well as that of the products it sells, and I have to say that Redfox delivered admirably on both accounts. A pleasure doing business with you guys! Thanks again, Dan

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